Ever wonder how or why teams started having mascots? I did…Turns out the word “mascot” comes from the French word “mascoto.” And that actually means “witch, fairy or sorcerer.” It evolved to be a “sorcerers charm over the years, and hence teams wanted their own Mascot to help them have better luck in their games.

But unlike the zany mascots of today, the first real mascots were children or real animals. They were no joking matter and taken very seriously; and felt to genuinely bring the teams good luck.

The mascot evolved in 1974 when a San Diego rock station hired a cartoonist to promote the station in commercials. He drew a chicken. That chicken then got his own costume and began handing out eggs on easter at the zoo. He was then hired to come to a Padres game.

And thus the mascot was born…So at least when it comes to the mascot history we can honestly say the chicken came before the egg.