Get Ready, Get Set (Active)

Most of my guy friends have been seeking out internships this summer in sports, entertainment or video games. You know, “guy stuff” that we’re into…So when I told them I was interning with Set Active, they were curious and a bit surprised…and now maybe jealous.

After all, Set Active is probably the hottest active wear brand around these days. Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Emma Chamberlain have been wearing it and it sells out almost minutes after it goes online. And did I mention it’s an all female company?

But the best thing about working at Set Active is learning about what life is like at a hot start-up. Set Active was founded by Lindsey Bresnick, a young woman in her 20’s. And while she knows her brand, running a business where they can barely keep the product in stock is all bit new to her.

Every day Lindsey and her team are faced with big questions, big issues, and great opportunity. Watching them make decisions, and how they think them through is better than any business class I could take. From planning events to picking colors to thinking of new strategies I’ve been able to learn more ein 3 weeks than I ever thought possible.

So check it out, give us some feedback, and if you like it, you can use my code Jack15 to get 15% off your purchase (and make me look good ;)

To Be..Or Not To Be...Kevin Durant

There is no doubt the man is admired. More like revered. He is often compared to Michael Jordan for his technique, his perseverance and the fact that almost no one can stop him. He is respected, liked and worth a heck of a lot of money. It’s good to be Kevin. Right?

Wut just as you can be the reason a team wins, how does it feel if you are the reason your team loses? What happens when an injury sidelines you and you have to watch you team work well, but not well enough in the first NBA final game? That’s gotta hurt almost as much as the injury itself. If not more.

I imagine that Durant was feeling good about his team who had been playing well the last few games, proving that without him the Warriors were still a powerhouse team, not a one-man game. But as they struggled in the first game of the NBA finals the team clearly missed their leader. And couldn’t pull out a much needed win.

Imagine watching your team struggle, knowing that if you could just be out there, the outcome might be different. That because of you they could win. But because of you they might lose. That must be a lot of responsibility to bare. Especially when you’re not in the game. Better to lose the game on the court or in the locker room? Hard to know.

So, win or lose I have to wonder how it feels to be Durant. Good to know you’re needed, bad to know you’re needed and can’t be there for your team. 

It’s no surprise Durant barely emerged from the Locker room last night. Let’s see what happens in the next few games. 


Spreading the Positive Word

Once Positively social was up and running, we wanted to do as much as we could to get the message out. We spoke to Boys and Girls clubs, community groups, and trying to break the stereotype that being mean was the way to go. Here are some of the pics from one of our Boys and Girls Club Visits. We really appreciated their great questions, ideas and insights.

I was also honored when Lily Block and I were selected to be a part of the campaign Midland campaign for change. Though I’m hardly a model, it was fun to get to meet some other young people looking for change and to get to be photographed for something trying to do something great for the world .

And I always enjoy getting to spend time at Baby2Baby. They are an amazing organization that gives gently used and new goods to families in need. From sorting donations in the warehouse to buying, and wrapping gifts for kids at the holidays, I feel grateful to have spent many years volunteering with the organization. One of my favorite days was the NBA Cares day (with Karl Anthony Towns). In addition to Baby2Baby’s regular volunteers, we were joined by stars of the NBA who helped us unload, sort, and make care packages . Another one of my favorite days is the holiday party!

Inside our Positively Social Media Launch

We worked really hard to launch Positively Social. I’m not sure I ever filled out more forms than when we were trying to make the organization a registered charity. Plus getting all 6 of the founders in one place at one time!

But we were all really committed to making this organization happen. So we took the time, hashed out ideas, and finally we ere ready to launch!

We put together an event for friends, fans and really anyone who wanted to do something positive against bullying and promote kindness online.

We started early in the morning to set up everything. Every dime donated we to make sure we could use to help other people…So we did as much as we could ourselves and looked to companies to help us create the best event possible. We were so grateful that great organizations like The DryBar, Sprinkles, Instagram and others were willing to support our efforts.

We put together a panel with Justin Anthony from Instagram, Jenny Pascal who runs the Teen Line, helping teens deal with serious issues, Lilia Buckingham and Maddie Ziegler.

They covered all of the questions on our audience’s mind and more.

We were so grateful to have the support of so many friends like Nia Sioux, Carson Lueders, and Ariel Martin, and so many others.

It really helped us begin to spread the message of Positively Social. It was a great day…exhausting but great!


Ever wonder how or why teams started having mascots? I did…Turns out the word “mascot” comes from the French word “mascoto.” And that actually means “witch, fairy or sorcerer.” It evolved to be a “sorcerers charm over the years, and hence teams wanted their own Mascot to help them have better luck in their games.

But unlike the zany mascots of today, the first real mascots were children or real animals. They were no joking matter and taken very seriously; and felt to genuinely bring the teams good luck.

The mascot evolved in 1974 when a San Diego rock station hired a cartoonist to promote the station in commercials. He drew a chicken. That chicken then got his own costume and began handing out eggs on easter at the zoo. He was then hired to come to a Padres game.

And thus the mascot was born…So at least when it comes to the mascot history we can honestly say the chicken came before the egg.