Jack Buckingham has a passion for sports, journalism and community service.

In addition to playing as a pitcher in baseball and a goalie in soccer, at an early age, Jack found he was passionate about learning as much as he could about sports. From the stats of each player to the owners and trades of each team, Jack studied and learned as much as possible. From football to basketball, soccer to baseball, college to pro, Jack studied and learned the ins and outs of each sport.

He translated that early passion into a desire to discuss, write about, and analyze sports on blogs and in his podcast, Basketpod.

In addition to his passion for sports, Jack has a passion for helping those in his community. Jack helped to create Positively Social, a 501-c-3 to help young people learn how to present themselves positively on Social Media, to be a force for positivity, and help promote social media as a place for positive social change.